The Anger Management Student Manual


This e-book is designed to help young people better understand anger the emotion and where it can come from both internally and externally. This 100-page guide includes many established tools and techniques that Dr Tony Fiore has implemented in his practice and anger management coaching for the last 30 years. This guide is written is clear and easy-to-understand language that can help young people better cope with stress and other common anger triggers.

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Finally, a helpful guide is here to assist people young and old with anger and anger-related issues. Written by renown anger management expert, Dr. Tony Fiore, he walks you through a complete understanding of the emotion of anger, where is comes from, how it is invoked in us and how we can properly manage aspects of our life that trigger anger.

Learn proven techniques for quieting angry thoughts and how to understand your own mindset so that you can be empowered to better control angry emotions and outbursts. Techniques used in this guide can help to improve relationships with friends, family as well as future intimate relationships.