Anger and your relationship: The road to repair $69.95

I am pleased to announce the release of my new online couples course called “Anger and your relationship: The road to repair”. This new course has been designed from the ground-up to be taken as a solo course (meaning you don’t have to take it with your partner) or as a course that couples can both take together. Regardless of how you decide to take it, the principles taught will help you whether your partner participates or not!

6 modules and 23 lessons to help your relationship be the best it can be

My course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of a relationship, the root causes of the issues you experience and provides you with a unique set of tools to turn to in times of stress. 

Learn practical techniques with tutorial videos voiced by Dr Tony Fiore

Each lesson features a professionally created video tutorial where I walk you through the steps and techniques taught throughout the course. Learn from helpful real-world examples from my many years of professional practice. Put the techniques to work in your daily life and see improvements in your relationship – even if your partner does not participate!

This course features the following:

  • Comprehensive online class based on material developed by Dr Tony Fiore specific to Anger and relationships
  • 23 professionally created videos that explain concepts and enhance your online learning experience
  • Many short and fun quizzes to give you feedback on your progress in learning the material
  • 48 page downloadable PDF containing worksheets for you to complete at your leisure – including a personal log so that you can record your experiences and evaluate your progress as you continue the program
  • More information about the online course
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