About The AngerCoach

The AngerCoach™ Dr. Fiore & Associates

The Anger Coach/Dr Fiore & Associates, was established in 2002 with a mission of providing consultation, clinical services, home-study programs and educational classes to individuals and couples. Since March, 2020 we provide all counseling servcies through tele-health, although we still maintain a clinical office in Newport Beach, CA.  We also provides a unique program called “discernment counseling” for couples on the brink of divorce. This is a new, 5-session program to help partners gain clarity and confidence in whatever decision they are learning toward  as to the future of their marriage relationship.

Dr Fiore is a licensed psychologist (License number PSY6670), coach, marriage therapist, and a diplomate of  the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). In addition to providing services directly to clients, his company, in partnership with Century Anger Management, provides Certification anger management training for mental health professionals, substance abuse professionals, law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, and pastoral professionals. Their core workbook “Anger Management for The Twenty-First Century” has sold over 30,000 copies and is used by certified providers across the country.

Tony earned his Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology from Purdue University  in 1972. Since then, he has continued his training nd professional growth  throughout his career on a regular basis. He  has been extensively trained in anger management therapy, marital therapy and discernment counseling He received advanced training in 1993 from the Gottman Institute in Seattle Washington. Since then, he has been trained in RLT (Relational Life Therapy- Terry Real), Discernment Counseling (Dr. Bill Doerty),  PACT therapy (Dr. Stan Tatkin), Pragmatic/Experiential Therapy (Dr Brent Atkinson), The Couples Institute (Drs.

Dr. Brent Atkinson (The Couples Clinic), and The Couples Institute (Drs. Ellyn and Peter Pearson)

In the course of  providing clinical services, Dr Fiore believes in the importance of not only talking about issues- but also developing skills to change, skills to cope better with current  life stressors as well as past trauma, , and skills  to think differently about life problems. Therefore, clients are often provided with “worksheets” to complete  between sessions , which are reviewed as part of the next session, so that a therapeutic path is established. Homework might also include reading a book relevant to your issues, , trying a new reaction to an anger trigger, or practicing a different communication style with your partner.