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5 Ways to Respond Instead of React

When we react to something, we do it automatically but when we respond to something – that requires thoughtful consideration and deliberate decision making. When I teach people how to manage their anger, the tool “Respond Instead of React” is most helpful as it shows people that they have the power to control their response to angry situations.

Instead of being restrained by instinctual, “knee-jerk” reactions to upsetting things, I teach people how to stop and slow these “automatic” reactions and turn them into deliberate, meaningful and positive responses. In this video, I will teach you 5 simple ways to do this.

Peace at any Price – Jeffrey’s story

Many people in relationships are averse to conflict and confrontation which is why some people choose to adopt the “peace at any price” approach to dealing with relationship issues. While this tactic can avert direct confrontation in the moment – it often delays the inevitable. Coping with your partners disrespect for long periods of time will cause resentment and frustration to build up – resulting in an outburst.

What I teach people in these situations is to learn how to communicate assertively. In this video, I teach you the core concepts of assertive communication and how this can reduce relationship stress, anger and frustration.

4 Strategies to Forgive and Accept Wrongs by a Partner

Whether you are actively in a relationship or not, learning to forgive is an incredibly important skill to have and hold successful, long term relationships. We all make mistakes and when the hurt from these mistakes cut deep, our ability to forgive is essential not just for the person who hurt us, but for our own health as well.

Learn 4 valuable strategies for forgiveness and how you can practice these in your everyday life.

The 5 Levels of Passive Aggressive Behavior

Passive aggressive behavior does not alternate between passive behavior and aggressive behavior, but rather combines them simultaneously into one behavior that is really irritating and confounding to other people. In this video I walk you through the 5 levels of a Passive Aggressive person and simple examples of each behavior for you to recognize.

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Dealing with perpetual issues

Relationship research has revealed that a high percentage of relationship issues are unsolvable. These are often called “Perpetual Issues”. Every relationship has these unresolvable issues – but the key difference between successful couples is how they handle these issues.

Learn a basic principle in how successful couples manage to deal with perpetual issues and how you can apply this in your life.

6 Methods to communicate assertively

Assertive communication helps people – whether they are in relationships or not – experience better interpersonal outcomes. In this video, I will help you understand what assertive communication means, and I provide 6 simple ways to implement assertive communication tools in your life.

Improve your relationships with others whether they be friends, family, workmates or romantic.

Married to a narcissist? 3 steps for survival.

Learn 3 crucial steps to be able to live with a narcissist. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist and feel that it is worthwhile staying in the relationship, I provide 5 additional tips on how you can work around the type of narcissist you may be involved with.

Not all narcissists are equal and you can successfully remain in a relationship with them despite their flaws.

Anger and sex – 5 tips to help couples

As a practicing psychologist and marriage therapist, I often encounter clients who are angry because they suffer sexual frustration in their marriage or relationship. Anger is sometimes a secondary emotion, meaning that there is something underneath it which triggers it.

Often that “something” is sexual frustration. In this video I will help you to understand the correlation between anger and sex in your relationship and the anger tools that are useful in addressing these issues.

Is humor a remedy for anger?

In this video, learn how you can dissolve anger using humor. I provide 4 easy to implement techniques for humour-challenged people so that you can reduce anger, stress and frustration in your every day life.

Learn why it is important to not take yourself so seriously and how simple techniques for finding humor in stressful situations is key to managing anger and anxiety.

Empathy and you

Learn the basics of empathy and what it is. Learn what the 4 core aspects of empathy are. Learn how best to deal with challenges in your relationship where empathy will help to resolve. Understand what empathy is, what it involves and practical ways to put empathy into practice in everyday life.

You can find more information about empathy and the tools that I have made available here.

What is cognitive empathy

Learn ways to look at things from the perspective of your partner – putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Seeing things from the point of view of your partner is much harder when you don’t agree with the idea or concept which is why it is such a crucial tool in improving relationships.

Watch the video above for some practical tips to implement Cognitive Empathy in your relationships.

What is empathy?

Empathy is a crucial tool for healthy relationships whether they be friendships or romantic relationships. If you want to learn more about how you can develop a stronger sense of empathy in your relationship I’ve put together a 14-page report that’s FREE. You can learn the valuable tools needed to repair your relationship through the power of empathy!

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What is Discernment Counseling?

When a one or more partners in a relationship struggle with the question; do we make it work, break up or decide later – then Discernment Counseling is for you. Learn how this process works even if only one person in the relationship is willing to participate. The goal is NOT to solve your relationship problems, but to see if they are solvable.

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Are you married to a narcissist?

What can you do if you discover that you may be married to a narcissist? Learn about the 2 different types of narcissism that people can exhibit and how to spot the identifiers for each of them. Learn about how destructive vulnerable narcissists can be in a relationship and why it is important to protect yourself from them…

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