Discover harmony in your relationship: A Psychologist’s guide to conflict resolution $19.95

This mini course introduces you to the concept and principals of Verbal Aikido and its application in marital communication. Verbal Aikido empowers you to resolve marital conflict in a harmonious manner that fosters unity in your relationship. We then explore the importance of emotional connection and how modern day technology has entirely changed our communication methods. Finally, we learn about conflict igniters, what this is, how this behaviour leads to contention and disharmony and we teach you how to address these behaviours effectively and harmoniously to achieve resolution.

This course features the following:

  • Online class based on material developed by Dr Tony Fiore specific to anger and relationships
  • 4 professionally created videos that explain the concepts and enhance your online learning experience
  • Short and fun quizzes to give you feedback on your progress in learning the material
  • Downloadable PDFs containing worksheets for you to complete at your leisure so that you can record and evaluate your progress through the program