The Eight Keys to a Happy Marriage


A happy relationship can sometimes seem like a pipe dream. We fall into a rut, re-hash perpetual arguments, and begin to feel despondent and alone with the person who once brought us joy, happiness, and closeness. 

My name is Dr. Tony Fiore, and I am a licensed psychologist and marital therapist. Since 1972, I’ve helped hundreds of couples revive relationships or marriages torn apart by the effects of anger, poor communication, faulty expectations, and the inability to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday relationship life.

I wrote this e-book and created to help couples take the initial steps to revive and repair their marriage without the need for costly marriage counseling.


A Happy Relationship Is Possible!

As an introduction to, “The Eight Keys to a Happy Marriage” provides tips and techniques for a successful relationship, whether dating, cohabiting, newly married, or in a long-term relationship.

The e-book and online program are written in a concise, direct, and easy-to-understand manner that provides practical, simple tools and techniques I use to help couples in my everyday practice. 

Solution, Not Dissolution

Many couples come into my practice and say that despite being unhappy in their relationship, they still love their partner and are unwilling to give up. They have tried to repair the relationship independently and are desperate to rekindle the bond they used to share. However, they must learn how, especially if their partner resists change.

Other couples know their relationship is at breaking point but can’t convince their partner to seek marriage therapy. Many reasons, such as money and time constraints, prevent couples from seeking professional help. I want to provide affordable options that give people practical information and skills they can apply immediately to help.

If I do This Alone, Will it Help?

It most certainly can. 

In my experience, many relationships can be slowly improved if only one partner initiates the change process.

I also see patients who begin working through one of my courses alone, then once their partner begins to see positive and lasting changes, they too jump on board, and both start working as a team to improve their relationship.

I have helped many couples over the years by teaching them how to transform their relationship from conflict to peace. “8 Keys to a Happy Marriage” and provide you with a unique set of tools to turn to in times of stress and will set you on a path to repairing your relationship.