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Nets Point Guard Devin Harris “Learns” Anger Management

Devin Harris Point Guard to The Nets Basketball Team & Children from The Nets Big Brother Program were taught Martial Arts from Sensei Dan at TheDOJO in Rutherford NJ. In addition to learning the punches & kicks of the martial arts Sensei Dan Lead through a discussion about The 8 Tools of Anger Management Designed by Dr Tony Fiore & Tom Callos. Anger Management is a component of the Peace Education taught at TheDOJO by Sensei Dan where he teaches a Martial Arts Education of Intelligent Curriculum.  Karate, Judo, Jujutsu with other martial arts & practical forms of self defense are taught along with Environmental Green Projects, Art, Random Acts of Kindness & Project Based Leadership Training.  Devin Harris filled the room with many laughs & smiles when he got a chance to perform a judo throw technique on Sensei Dan.  Everyone had a great time!

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New Beginnings – Dedicated to Cjon Damitri Patterson

At the brink of every New Year we make promises to ourselves and to the ones we love to change. Often we’ve made the same promises every year for the last decade and find ourselves repeating the same negative habits, hurting ourselves and the people we care about.

In some circles the number 8 is thought to represent new beginnings and 2008 is touted as the year of new beginnings.

The thought is hopeful but can people really change?

The answer is yes people can change. I can’t afford to think otherwise. Why because there is so much about me that needs improvement.

To tell you the truth anger management has never been a real problem for me. I did not say I’ve never been angry. I fall under the category of angry people who hold their emotions in and it eats them alive from the inside out. Come to think of it, I guess that is a problem but it’s not the biggest problem I face.

A dear friend of mine passed this weekend. We shared a similar struggle.

He was full of life, talented and hopeful for a new beginning. I guess he got it. He got his new beginning.

In a way I envy him. My new beginning will not come so easy. It will take work and discipline. It will take change.

Can people really change? Yes people can change. I can’t afford to think otherwise.

Dedicated to Cjon Damitri Patterson: The composer of the musical theme for Angry in L.A.

Cjon your spirit and music will live on.

Posted with permission by The Anger Coach from the blog of :
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Michael Richards – An Angry Man

Michael Richard claims that his recent rant in response to hecklers at his night club act was about anger…not racism. He said later on the Dave Letterman Show that he went into a “rage” which he couldn’t explain.

This is very believable to us (the racism issue aside) as we hear similar stories from many of our anger management participants. Most of the time they are perfectly nice people but sometimes get “triggered” by something that brings out a flurry of anger.

We teach that this is due mostly to a brain structure called the amygdala which records and stores raw emotions – including anger and fear. The amygdala is part of the reptilian brain and when stressed is activated before the “thinking” part of our brain is….making it easy for your brain to be ‘hijacked” by negative emotion.

Many people need anger management training to develop the skills needed to manage these negative emotions which seem to emerge out of nowhere – before they get out of hand and have the potential to wreck a family, a job, or, in Richards’ case, possibly a career.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to unring a bell – once the explosion occurs, it can ruin a lifetime of good deeds.

For a list and desciption of the core eight anger management tools needed to prevent this form happening, click here .