Avoid An Anger Management Related Relationship Loss

Don’t let poor anger management get in the way

Are you in danger of losing a relationship, marriage, or family because of poor anger management? Is your anger due to defending yourself from the tirades, rages, or verbal abuse from your partner – yet you get labeled the angry person? Perhaps you feel your anger is justified because of what your partner is putting you through?

You are probably like many partners that hate constant or intense conflict but still love your partner despite the anger, arguments, and turmoil? Most couples in conflict don’t want to end their relationship especially due to poor anger management, but they just can’t deal with the fighting. Would you like to know how it is possible to have more peace in your relationship even though you and your partner still get angry at each other?

What you can, and cannot, do

What you CAN do is take responsibility for your own feelings and how you handle them in response to your partner. What you cannot do is control the behavior of your partner or what they do that may cause anger in you.

Uncontrolled anger can change your relationship – in a heartbeat – and not for the better

The secret is to learn how to manage normal angry feelings by developing new and different responses to these feelings, not by demanding that your partner change.

What specific skills and tools do we teach you in our anger management programs and products?

  • Identify sources of your stress
  • Recognize “filters” that influence what you hear
  • Discover new ways to respond to your anger triggers
  • Eliminate automatic negative thinking patterns
  • Learn to communicate effectively without offending your partner
  • Develop realistic expectations about relationships in general and your partner in particular
  • Discover alternative ways of satisfying your frustrated needs
  • Learn to forgive and let go
  • Identify the warning signs of anger before things get out of hand
  • Free yourself from negative self-talk
  • Identify underlying emotions and thoughts that trigger your angry outbursts and how to respond to them differently
  • Learn how to change your perspective and see things more clearly from the point of view of your partner

The decision is yours

Start with a consultation with Dr. Fiore to explore what your options are.

What do you get from your consultation with Dr Fiore?

  • One hour assessment of your anger issues
  • My opinion as to what triggers your anger, the seriousness of your problem, probable causes of your issues, recommended treatment for your anger.

Some Treatment options for you to consider might include:

  • Private anger management therapy sessions with Dr Fiore-typically for 10 weeks using a structured program of learning the 8 tools of anger control
  • Our virtual anger management classes held online on Tuesday nights 7:30-8:30pm (PST). This is a very inexpensive option (only $35 fee per class after registration fee and book fee)
  • Private online psychotherapy if your anger is trauma-based due to childhood issues
  • Enroll in either our 10-week or 16 week online pre-recorded anger management learning course which you can take at your convenience to elarn basic anger managementn and communication skills. Enroll at http://www.angercoachonline.com
  • Couples therapy if your anger is based in relationship conflict and your partner is willing to participate.