I need help with Anger Management

If You Recognize The Need For Anger Management

Have you seen a need for anger management in your life? 

Maybe your angry outbursts have cost you jobs in the past.

Perhaps your anger has cost you another relationship which you valued. 

You are now willing to say “enough is enough”. Congratulations, this is an important step in improving the way you deal with anger and stress.

But, you probably don’t know where to start when it comes to anger management which perhaps has been an issue much of your life. You need tools – concrete things to do – to control rants, rages, screaming, insults to others, name-calling, yelling, or general nastiness. 

Afterwards, you probably feel guilt, remorse, or shame. You ask yourself, why do I do this? The answer is that you have learned somewhere in your life to deal with painful or frustrating emotions or thoughts by striking back, attacking, or protecting yourself at all costs.

 It is your way of coping. Of dealing with life challenges or bothersome people or situations. 

But, there are better ways to deal with those emotional threats and frustrating events than your usual anger, hostility or aggression.

We teach you those new ways – tools that you need which allow you to think and respond differently to your own angry thoughts and feelings triggered by any number of frustrating events or experiences in your world.

 Just because you feel the anger doesn’t mean you need to behave in an angry way. We teach you to separate the feeling from the behavior and then teach you new thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes that will work better for you. This is anger management and this is what I – Dr Tony Fiore the AngerCoach™ specialize in.

Stop being so angry. Have a happier life!

Start by scheduling an online virtual individual consultation with Dr Fiore by calling 714-745-1393 or schedule a session right now.

If you are paying out of pocket for the consultation choose drop-down menu item “individual consultation ($180).” 

If you want to try and use your insurance, chose item “individual consultation-Insurance and co-pay.” If you need insurance verification or help with your insurance usage, call Marina at 714-496-6120.

What do you get from your consultation with Dr Fiore?

  • One hour assessment of your anger issues
  • My opinion as to what triggers your anger, the seriousness of your problem, probable causes of your issues, recommended treatment for your anger.

Some treatment options for you to consider might include:

  • Private anger management therapy sessions with Dr Fiore-typically for 10 weeks using a structured program of learning the 8 tools of anger control
  • Our virtual anger management classes held online on Tuesday nights 7:30-8:30pm (PST). This is a very inexpensive option (only $35 fee per class after registration fee and book fee)
  • Private online psychotherapy if your anger is trauma-based due to childhood issues
  • Enroll in either our 10-week or 16 week online pre-recorded anger management learning course which you can take at your convenience to elarn basic anger managementn and communication skills. Enroll at https://www.angercoachonline.com
  • Couples therapy if your anger is based in relationship conflict and your partner is willing to participate.