Trouble at work

Work Related Anger Management

Studies show that up to 42% of employee time is spent engaging in or trying to resolve conflict.

This results in wasted employee time, mistakes, stress, lower morale, hampered performance, and reduced profits service. Poorly handled anger, frustration and resentment sabotage business productivity. 

This is where the AngerCoach™ can help by providing anger management for employees and employers.

Perhaps you are a supervisor or manager who is perceived as being angry by your employees. Whether or not this is true from your point of view, we can help you with your communication skills allowing you to better relate to co-workers, peers, colleagues, or management. We can also help you discover how you are being perceived by employees and how to look at your expectations of them. Learning to adjust those expectations often lowers your frustration and irritation toward them.

Are you in a family business where there is much bickering or hostility between family members, owners or employees? Because I am a clinical psychologist trained in family systems as well as an anger management coach, I can help your family get along better in the workplace by dealing with both anger management issues and underlying long-standing family dynamics.

Workplace Anger Solutions

  • Virtual private consultation (executive coaching) 10 week program with Dr Fiore. $180 per hour. Will coach the executive or manager on the 8 tools of anger control, how to more effectively communicate and how to better handle work stress and frustration. Call 714-745-1393 for more detail.
  •  Virtual Live anger management class on Tuesday nights. Only $35 per class. Usually about 10 other people in the virtual class. Taught by Dr Fiore around workbook teaching the 8 tools on anger control.  Certificate upon completion. Call for details. 714-745-1393
  •  Employee can also learn the tools of anger control in either a 10 hour or 16 hour pre-produced online multi-media anger management class. Learn at his/her own pace. Certificate upon completion. Sign up at