Anger Management Services for Corporations

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Resources for Large Corporations

Workplace anger management issues cost American firms billions of dollars a year in terms of lost productivity and unnecessary legal and medical expenses. All of these anger management issues are avoidable with the right resources.

The following resources can help sensitize senior management, middle managers, and HR staff to the need to reduce unnecessary anger and stress before it gets out of hand.

Free Newsletters and Resources for Executives and Managers

The High Costs of Anger, Anger and the Workplace
In some firms, managers spend up to 42% of their time engaging in, or trying to resolve, conflicts! And, in a flash, anger can destroy careers that have taken years to build up. There are 5 skills managers can use to better manage workplace anger and stress.

Workplace Violence
Bureau of Justice statistics show that over 500,000 victims of workplace violence lose over 1.8 million workdays a year, at a cost of $55,000,000 a year. Firms lose 11 billion dollars a year! Describes 4 key strategies for managers to these unnecessary losses.

Mastering Empathy
Employees frequently complain that executives and managers “don’t understand!” Empathy, however, can be learned, reducing anger caused by misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

Regaining Control: 8 Tools to Anger Management
We invite Human Resource Departments to distribute this “quick read” to managers dealing with employees experiencing difficulty with anger and stress. Reading it outlines the basis of more aggressive actions, if necessary.

Audio resources for HR Departments

4 Ways to Deal with Workplace Anger
This lively one-hour interview with Dr. Tony Fiore and special guest Debra Mandel details specific steps your managers can take to identify and deal with workplace anger before it gets out of hand. Transcript and quantity discounts are also available.

Anger Management Workshops and Consultation

Anger Management Classes
Currently, we offer adult, couples, and “fast-track” anger management classes in Long Beach, and Orange, California.

Fast-Track Programs
Our fast-track anger management program is for busy people who want to attend two 4-hour segments (separated by two weeks) rather than attending the weekly anger management classes.

Online Anger Management Programs
For individuals with busy schedules, we offer several online anger management programs at Choose between 10 and 16 hour programs that can be completed as your schedule permits in the comfort of your home or at your convenience while travelling abroad.

Corporate Stress Management Training
Our Seminars emphasize a proactive approach to stress management- that is, teaching stress management techniques that can be used as part of one’s daily routine, even when things are going well.

Executive Interventions
Executive coaching is one-on-one training with an executives or managers by Dr. Tony Fiore, for anger management, stress management, or development of more effective communication skills with workers or team members.