Many people in relationships are averse to conflict and confrontation which is why some people choose to adopt the “peace at any price” approach to dealing with relationship issues. While this tactic can avert direct confrontation in the moment – it often delays the inevitable. Coping with your partners disrespect for long periods of time will cause resentment and frustration to build up – resulting in an outburst.

What I teach people in these situations is to learn how to communicate assertively. In this video, I teach you the core concepts of assertive communication and how this can reduce relationship stress, anger and frustration.

Assertive communication helps people – whether they are in relationships or not – experience better interpersonal outcomes. In this video, I will help you understand what assertive communication means, and I provide 6 simple ways to implement assertive communication tools in your life.

Improve your relationships with others whether they be friends, family, workmates or romantic.