This FREE mini course is the introduction to my popular series: “Anger and your relationship: The road to repair”. In this course, I offer 3 lessons that help you understand how and why conflict may be playing a role in your relationship. Upon completing the course, you will receive a special offer for future courses.

This course features the following:

  • Online class based on material developed by Dr Tony Fiore specific to anger and relationships
  • 3 professionally created videos that explain the concepts and enhance your online learning experience
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  • Downloadable PDFs containing worksheets for you to complete at your leisure so that you can record and evaluate your progress through the program

A conflict igniter refer to a pattern of communication that often results in a gloves off, battle Royale between a couple. Regardless of who ignited the conflict, the result is the same – escalation.

Conflict Ignitor #1- Blame and Criticism

This igniter occurs when one or both partners are highly critical and blame the other almost exclusively for marital issues between them. It’s always “their” fault  when things go wrong or when there is a break in emotional connection.

Conflict Igniter #2- Needing to always be right

Do you live with someone who always needs to be right or do you always have to be the one in the right? The need to be right is one of the more common conflict igniters in a relationship.

Conflict Igniter #3- Holding onto Grudges and resentments

Some partners never forget anything and constantly bring up their partner’s past misdeed or perceived injustices. 

These are just three of the many conflict igniters I cover in my course.

If you or your partner are dealing with a lack of connection or unresolved anger issues within your relationship, I encourage you to take our new course titled “Repair my Relationship”. It can be taken alone or as a couple.