In this first Episode of the AngerCoach Show, we highlight some practical ways to apply anger management tools in your life. Every month we will be offering new and viable tips and exercises for individuals seeking to offer help to loved ones, friends or who are interested in their own personal development.

In addition to these exercises, we also have an opportunity for listeners to have some interaction with the Aristotle Award – a recognition we give monthly to an individual who has exercised anger management in their lives. People can submit their own name, or the name of someone they know to Dr. Fiore. Each month a winner will be chosen and will receive their gift certificate from one of our sponsors.

Please note: This anger program and these anger tips are not meant to substitute for professional diagnosis, treatment or advice. If you have intense, serious or chronic anger problems, or you have to deal with someone else who does, you should immediately consult a mental health or medical professional for help.