Anger Coach Online Donates Courses for Penn Youth

This  notice was recently posted from The Penn Youth Foundation On-Line Dojo. Please join, if you wish to participate. The blog post was written by Tom Callos.


ANGER COACH ONLINE Donates $20,000 in Anger Management Courses for Penn Youth

Dr. Tony Fiore of is the one of the world’s preeminent anger control teachers. Two years ago Dr. Fiore and I collaborated on the development of 2 courses for teaching martial artists about anger management –and how to teach it to young people.

Both courses are available to take on-line at Each course takes 10 hours to complete and comes with a graduation certificate.

Dr. Fiore has just donated both courses to each active participant/student in our next Penn Hawaii YF session (beginning Jan. 30, 2010), which adds up to more than $20,000 in tuition.

THANK YOU Dr. Fiore!

Any Penn Youth participant who completes the first course, passing both the on-line test and a verbal quiz from Coach Tom Callos, will earn $100 from the foundation (Regular attendance and completion of our 2 month training course will be a requirement for payment).

IN ADDITION, we are planning an on-line donation program where we solicit contributions from the 115,000+ members of www.BJPENN.COM for Penn Youth who complete the SECOND Anger Management Course (which teaches the participant how to teach other people the basics of anger management).

We will divide all donation up equally between all of our young participants who successfully take and pass the program (both courses). Our long-term goal is to have a team of young “Anger Management Educators” tour schools across Hawaii teaching other young people the ABC’s of anger control.

Stay tuned for more information.