Angry Parents Should Take Heart

Are you a parent who is angry at their child for not doing well in school? According to a recent study titled “Appreciating Beauty in the Bottom 80,” parents should not despair because their child’s future might still be bright despite poor performance in school. The author, Christine Duvivier, argues that many renowned scientists, leaders, and productive citizens were not good students.Often these children actually have gifts that are well suited to successful lives, but often these abilities are not amplified and enhanced in school.

So what is a parent to do? As an alternative to feeling constant anger, frustration. or failure as a parent, try the following three things:

1. Learn to appreciate the value of each child’s strengths and gifts. Understand how their very gifts can get in the way of performing well in school. Discuss with them the real-world data on successful people who were not good students.

2.  Offer your child more opportunities. Learn how to allow your child to use their gifts and strengths in ways that engage them. Ideally. we will do this in classrooms, but at a a minimum, this means more opportunities for sports, art, music, community service. meditation and movement.

3. Look at the bright side.  When you find their gifts and strengths, most teens look bright.

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