Do the eight tools help with anger toward self?

Most of our writings concern people who have anger toward others. But, I recently received an email from someone who said he never gets mad at other people – only himself. He was wondering if the eight tools can be applied in that situation. The answer is a resounding YES. Even anger toward other people is sometimes the outward manifestation of self-anger or self-loathing. Some mental health professionals maintain that even depression is actually anger turned inward, that is, anger that has no voice, has no place to go or is too timid to find outward expression.

All the tools applied correctly can help with self anger, although sometimes therapy is also needed to “fine-tune” the process. Probably the most important tool to master in this situation is Tool #4- changing self-talk because what you tell yourself about yourself or your life situation has a lot to do with how you feel and how to see the world, Adjusting what you expect of yourself  to more realistic levels (Tool #6 ) can sometimes also be crucial to be happier inside and less self-anger. Learning to forgive yourself (Tool # 7)  for mistakes or misdeeds would also be high on the list because some people are so judgmental toward themselves that they are robbed of normal happiness or joy.

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