How to work though problems in a relationship

Conflict is inevitable in every relationship, however it is very important to learn to understand, resolve and then move forward from the source of this conflict when it arises.

During therapy, I tell my patients to “Think of yourself and your partner as a team, working through problems as a ‘we’ as opposed to a ‘You’ and ‘Me’.”

This allows a couple to work together as a team to help reach a harmonious outcome. Doing so also allows you to understand others opinions and points of view uniting you as a team.

By asking: “How can we work together so that we can both be on the same page?” or “What can I do to help reach this outcome?” enables you to work as a team, encouraging conversation and bonding you as a couple as you work together harmoniously.

As you learn to solve issues together, to find common ground, you discover that problems that once felt overwhelming can be solved in a harmonious and loving manner.

If you or your partner are struggling to communicate effectively leading to perpetual arguments, I encourage you to take our new course titled “Repair my Relationship”. It can be taken either alone or as a couple.