Increase in Family Business Anger Noted

Getting along with each other in a family business is no small feat. We have noticed a definite increase in referrals for anger and stress management in smaller family-owned businesses, especially second generation ones, or first generation businesses that are in the process of succession.

The on-the-job outbursts can range from  irritating to deadly. One recent referral for consultation involved an adult son who tried to murder his older brother on the job. Both worked as senior managers at a company owned by the parents who were about to retire.

The solution to family anger on the job may involve anger management classes or individual treatment for specific family members to teach them how to deal with feelings, issues and emotions that may have been there since childhood, but now emerge in the workplace setting.
In other cases, the answer is to have an in-house training program to teach all family members how to communicate more effectively with each other, and better deal with stressors that are unique to family businesses.