Positivity an antidote to anger

I just came across fascinating new research by Barbara Fredrickson,Ph.D., at UNC, Chapel Hill, described in a book she published called “Positivity.’ In it, she provides much data showing that positivity can enhance relationships, work, and health and also counter-act negative emotions like anger and resentment. The unique findings in this book is not that positivity promotes well-being; rather, the uniqueness lies in her showing that it is the RATIO between positivity and negativity that determines our well-being. She calls this the “positivity ratio.” The secret to reshaping your life for the better is NOT to try to be positive all the time; rather, it is to seed more positivity in your life. This positivity ratio ideally should be about 3-to-1. Below this, people get pulled into a downward spiral fueled by negativity. Yet above this same ratio, people seem to take off, drawn along an upward spiral energized by positivity. Their behavior becomes more creative and they feel uplifted and alive.

Wouldn’t it be better to feel that way than to feel anger and resentment? More at www.angercoach.com and www.angercoachonline.com