Quick Anger Tip 17 – Develop a silver tongue

Some people just seem to antagonize those around them even if they don’t mean to. They say things in a way that causes others to “push back” often with resistance or anger of their own.

Words are powerful. Have you ever heard the expression that the pen is mightier than the sword? Sometimes words can hurt more than deeds.

Effective people find ways to express themselves so they get better results without having to incur negative backlash.

To do this, avoid phrases such as:
“You must…”
“You have to…”
“If you don’t, then…”
“Let me tell you why you are wrong…”
“I know what you need…”
“Here is what you should do…”

Instead, use phrases such as:
“I would appreciate it if…”
“You might prefer to…”
“This is what will happen if you…”
“Another way to look at it is…”
“You might try…”

Try it! Words can make a world of difference in how people respond to you.