Quick Anger Tip 20 – Develop clear vision of your intent or purpose

Often we become angry or resentful because we lose sight of the bigger picture. For instance, with our children, we may see only their negative behavior, forgetting your broader parenting intent such as having a close relationship with your children, helping them develop a mind of their own, or helping them  develop into responsible human beings who express their personal opinions.
As another example, on our job we may beome resentment due to feeling overworked because we focus on the negative, day to day challenges instead of mentally shifting into seeing the broader picture. You may dislike your supervisor, for instance,  but may remind yourself that your job is really about serving the clientèle – which brings you a great deal of satisfaction, despite your issues with the supervisor.
Reminds me of the janitor I once knew at a local playhouse. He was 56 years old and still cleaning the toilets. Once I asked him why he didn’t change jobs and improve himself. His answer: “What? and leave show business?”

This man had a vision of what his job really was about to him; giving him purpose and meaning and a sense of identity with theater-type people.

Have you considered that a carpenter may see himself as pounding nails, or alternatively, as building beautiful homes for young couples starting our their lives.

That a police officer may see himself as catching bad guys only, or alternatively,as serving his community and keeping it safe for the good guys?

Ask yourself what your broader intent or purpose may be. You may be astonished at how your anger decreases as you shift mental gears and see things in a different light.