Quick Anger Tip 22- Husbands Need Roadmap

Wives often become angry at their husbands because their husbands do not respond emotionally or in behavior to their complaints. Husbands, on the other hand, often confess that they don’t respond sometimes because it is not clear to them what the “right” answer or response is.

It is our experience in anger management classes that men (on the average) are less complicated emotionally than women. And, they honestly often do not understand women. Men will often respond better if they have a clear roadmap regarding what is expected, rather than having to experience vague complaints or angry tirads (which shuts them down).

Rather than yelling or criticizing. many wives find it more effective to simply state what is expected, what their needs are, and what would make them happy.

For wives to assume that “my husband should know by now what I need without my having to tell him” is often they type of self-talk that generates anger and does not change the behavior of their husband.