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Why Choose Century Anger Management for Professional Anger Management Certification Training?

If you want to become certified to teach anger management classes, what are your choices of training programs? Actually, there are numerous “models” of anger management that work well- despite the claims of some that there is only one training model that works.

Some organizations warn that if consumers are trained by anyone else but them, they are not legitimate or credible. Wouldn’t it seem ridiculous that only one program in the entire world could produce a well trained anger management provider? Of course not. Consumers should make their choice of anger management training by reviewing the program content, not marketing propaganda by other organizations. Clearly there is room for various models of anger management intervention, just as there is room for varies models of psychotherapy, medicine and other interventions.

Actually, consumers should look around and pick a training model that best fits their particular clients. Following is a list of reasons why we believe the Century Anger Management Model should be strongly considered:

1. It was developed by two experienced psychotherapists, both with Ph.D. degrees, and both licensed by the state of California to practice. This is important because anger management involves an array of clinical skills, both in assessment and practice. The 40-hour training program they developed includes many modules based on their research, education, and training. This ensures the best possible background for those doing anger management individually or in classes or groups.

2. Century Anger Management is very user-friendly. We will support you during your training and after you have been certified. We answer all emails and all phone calls. We value our providers and do everything we can to keep providers current in our model of anger management. Our certification is valid for two years- with very inexpensive continuing education after that.

3. We have now trained hundreds of providers in California and elsewhere. While we can’t claim that we are the biggest anger management training company yet, we are growing and we try harder. Our model is used by many large organizations such as the Salvation Army, numerous Probation Departments, military installations, and County Mental Health Systems, and approved by the CA State Board of Corrections to train probation, parole and correctional officers.

4. We offer two ways you can become certified – through Live Training or through our new home-study program. This makes it flexible and convenient for both local people and people across the country who can benefit from our model without having to fly to California to be trained.

5. Unlike most other training organizations in anger management, we offer many free resources to providers and consumers alike, to help people with their anger issues. This includes free newsletters, podcasts, articles, and other resource materials.

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Anger Certification Training In Sacramento

Century Anger Management, the education and training company of The Anger Coach and is proud to announce an upcoming certification training in Sacramento, CA. This 8-hour training will satisfy requirements for Level 1 of the acclaimed 40-hour training offered by Century Anger Management. The remaining 32 hours are completed online.

The Sacramento Training will be hold on Friday, April 9, 2010 and conducted by Associate Trainer Dr. Shirley Rowland who has an extensive background in substance abuse work. CEUs will be offered. Details and signup by clicking here

Anger Certification Training and Continuing Education

Century Anger Management, the Education and Training company of The Anger Coach and AJNovick Group,  has been granted recertification for two years from The California Foundation for Advancement of Addiction Professionals (CFAAP).  CFAAP is the Education Board for the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors. (CAADAC).

This certification means that people who complete our certification process in anger management, using our eight-tools model, will receive continuing education credit through one of the largest associations for the training of substance abuse counselors in California. This qualifies them to teach The Eight Tools of Anger Control to their recovering clients.

Century Anger Management is a  national leader of anger management training in the United States, having trained and certified hundreds of providers in America and in six other countries. Training consists of 40 hours in two parts. Part 1 requires eight hours of either “live-Training” or a home-study equivalent DVD.  Part 2 consists of 32 hours online training. The next upcoming “live training” will be on Friday  March 5 in Orange County, California. Call 714-745-1393 for details and registration, or register online

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Next CAM Live Professional Training March 5, 2010

Century Anger Management, the professional training company of The Anger Coach and AJNovickGroup , announces its first “live training” in 2010. The training will be held in Orange County, CA (location to be announced) on Friday, March 5, 2010 from 9AM – 5PM and will satisfy the first 8 hours of our 40-hour certification program (The remaining 32 hours are done online).  Century Anger Management is a national leader in anger management certification training with hundreds of providers across the United States and in 6 other countries. It is approved by many organizations as listed on our website, including the Florida Certification Board, The Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals, and the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association.

Become an anger management professional and contribute toward the world being a better place! Call 714-745-1393 for more information or register online

Professional Anger Management Certification Training October 23rd, 2009 – Sacramento, CA

Century Anger Management’s next anger management certification training is October 23rd, 2009 in Sacramento, CA

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October 23, 2009
9:00am – 5:00Pm

United Way
10389 Old Placerville Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95827
Entrance is on the west side of the building

The Live Training: includes adult content training, assessment and intake procedures, and adolescent applications. This training will cover the 8 Tools of Anger Control featured in our highly acclaimed client workbook, Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century and Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century for Adolescents. Participants will also be exposed to alternate uses of the Century Anger Management model as well as learn first hand how to teach this model through role play and didactic exercises. This model is comprehensive, with both client workbooks in Spanish and English, DVD’s, PowerPoint presentations, and easy to learn facilitator tools. Numerous agencies, sole practitioners, governmental organizations, as well as probation departments use the Century Anger Management model. HR Wire, a leading Human Resource organization recently featured our principal trainer on the uses of this highly accepted model. Participates will receive a Level 1 Certificate of Completion.

The live training counts for 8 hours of the required 40 hours for full certification (Level 2). The remaining 32 hours of training must be completed using our state of the art online course which can be completed at anytime. These online classes are self-paced and are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Participants can start and stop as many times as needed. Once the online modules are completed we will issue a “Level 2” Anger Management Certificate of Completion, and the participant will be fully certified by our organization.

The online modules will cover the following areas:

1. Adult content review
2. Adolescent content review/Training
3. Executive Coaching and Special applications
4. Assessment and intake procedures
5. Marketing and outreach
6. Proposed Ethics for Anger Management Professionals

Century Anger Management has the following approvals:

  • Approved by the California Board of Corrections (now called the “Standards Corrections Authority”) for the training of field probation, parole, and correctional officers: Cert Number: 3530-031088
  • Approved for CEUs by CAADE, California:certificate # CP-10704C110
  • Approved for CEUs by NAADAC The National Association for Addiction Professionals, Provider #570
  • Approved for CEUs by CAADAC: certificate number 1N-06-745-0108
  • Approved for CEU’s by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences: PCE# 2668
  • Approved as Continuing Education Provider by The Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists: Provider Number 5063
  • Approved sponsorship by the Orange County Probation Department
  • Approved by Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals as Provider of Continuing Education for Certification and Recertification for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors in the State of Texas: Provider Number: 1739-06
  • Approved by Illinois Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association. Provider number: 9140
  • Continuing Educator Provider, Florida Certification Board, Provider Number 5107-P

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CAM Training ReCertified for 2008-2009

Century Anger Management, the training organization for the Anger Coach and AJ Novick Group has been recertified by the California Standards Training for Corrections Programs for the year 2008-2009. This means that our training program again meets the training requirements as set forth by the Corrections Standards Authority for California Counties participating in the Standards and Training for Corrections Programs. More information about becoming certified as an Anger Management Professional is available at

Century Anger Management Gains New Approval from IAODAPCA

Century Anger Management gains new approval from the Illinois Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association.  This new approval is in addition to the numerous other approvals granted to Century Anger Management’s world class training model.Century Anger Management is one of the leading global providers of anger management certification training.  They are the only anger management training provider to offer both live, home study and online professional certification training programs.  Their exclusive “8 Tools Model” is quickly becoming one of the most recognized methods for teaching anger management skills.

For more information visit either or

Recent Certification Training Big Success

The Anger Coach, in partnership with Century Anger Management, conducted a certification training class in Laguna Beach March 30 and 31st. It was our first class using our new 40-hour training model in anticipation of future state requirements for anger management training certification.

Our reviews were excellent! One trainee even flew in from Taiwan to attend. Next training will be May 10-11th also in Laguna Beach. Click for details: 

Professional Certification Training Huge Hit

The Anger Coach, in association with Century Anger Management, recently completed a very successful training at the Rescue team Ministry in Riverside, California. Participant feedback was excellent, praising our 8 tools model of anger management and our new certification program. Next live certification training will be in San Diego on Feburary 9th – 10th, 2007. Century Anger Management also is now offering a home-study certification program.
Details by clicking here.