Why Choose Century Anger Management for Professional Anger Management Certification Training?

If you want to become certified to teach anger management classes, what are your choices of training programs? Actually, there are numerous “models” of anger management that work well- despite the claims of some that there is only one training model that works.

Some organizations warn that if consumers are trained by anyone else but them, they are not legitimate or credible. Wouldn’t it seem ridiculous that only one program in the entire world could produce a well trained anger management provider? Of course not. Consumers should make their choice of anger management training by reviewing the program content, not marketing propaganda by other organizations. Clearly there is room for various models of anger management intervention, just as there is room for varies models of psychotherapy, medicine and other interventions.

Actually, consumers should look around and pick a training model that best fits their particular clients. Following is a list of reasons why we believe the Century Anger Management Model should be strongly considered:

1. It was developed by two experienced psychotherapists, both with Ph.D. degrees, and both licensed by the state of California to practice. This is important because anger management involves an array of clinical skills, both in assessment and practice. The 40-hour training program they developed includes many modules based on their research, education, and training. This ensures the best possible background for those doing anger management individually or in classes or groups.

2. Century Anger Management is very user-friendly. We will support you during your training and after you have been certified. We answer all emails and all phone calls. We value our providers and do everything we can to keep providers current in our model of anger management. Our certification is valid for two years- with very inexpensive continuing education after that.

3. We have now trained hundreds of providers in California and elsewhere. While we can’t claim that we are the biggest anger management training company yet, we are growing and we try harder. Our model is used by many large organizations such as the Salvation Army, numerous Probation Departments, military installations, and County Mental Health Systems, and approved by the CA State Board of Corrections to train probation, parole and correctional officers.

4. We offer two ways you can become certified – through Live Training or through our new home-study program. This makes it flexible and convenient for both local people and people across the country who can benefit from our model without having to fly to California to be trained.

5. Unlike most other training organizations in anger management, we offer many free resources to providers and consumers alike, to help people with their anger issues. This includes free newsletters, podcasts, articles, and other resource materials.

More information at http://www.centuryangermanagement.com/Training/tabid/56/Default.aspx

(Posted with permission from the blog: Anger Management Education. )